Content Management

AgileSite is what is often referred to as a Content Management System (CMS) or a Web Content Management System (WCMS). In simple terms this means  that AgileSite is an easy way for you or your team to manage your website content anytime, from anywhere.

home_snag.pngSite Structure

In the content management system/site admin, the website pages are organized in an intuitive tree structure, similar to File Explorer on a PC and Finder on Mac. This layout is familiar to most and makes it easy to find the pages you want to edit, create new pages or sections, and move pages around within your site.

Content Editor (WYSIWYG editor)

As simple as editing a Word document, the WYSIWYG editor has the tools you need to:

  • format text
  • create email or webpage links
  • insert images
  • insert video
  • insert tables
  • add polls
  • edit html
  • do much more


AgileSite allows you to perform basic image manipulation in your site admin like resizing, rotation, or cropping. Once saved to your site, you can display the image in multiple places instead of having to upload multiple times. If you decide to change the picture in the future, replacing the file with a new image will update the photo everywhere it was used.

Forms and CSS

Consistent formatting and presentment is one of the key elements to a professional looking website that is user friendly. All of our websites use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to ensure that font and design elements are standardized and render in all browsers. In addition to CSS, AgileSite has standard and custom document types for things like news, articles, testimonials, and more. These doc types are simliar in function to forms and have pre-defined fields which content managers populate with the necessary data. The data is then presented to the visitor in a predefined layout and format to keep everything consistent and easy to manage.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Our websites are built on an optimized platform that delivers pages fast, making users and search engines like Google happy. The site admin also has features and elements that allow you to easily optimize your pages to rank higher with:

  • SEO friendly URLs and URL aliases
  • Editable metatags for page title, description, and keywords
  • Customizable attributes
  • Heading tags supported in the editor (H1, H2, H3, etc)
  • Google Sitemap that automatically adds new page information

Maintain Visual Continuity

Visual continuity is important not just for brand consistency, but also for a positive site visitor experience. All pages in your website are based on a page template of some kind. These templates contain predefined areas, also known as editable regions. These templates and regions allow you or any approved site admin to add content to the site, but prevents them from breaking or overwriting the page design.


Workflow and Roles

AgileSite supports a collaborative editing environment from simple check-in/check-out that prevents a document from being edtied simultaneously by multiple users, all the way up to custom designed role and workflow managment for larger content teams. Workflows can include an unlimited number of steps, and you have the ability to define which users or roles can edit, approve, or reject the publication of a document.
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