Search Engine Optimization

AgileSite websites are built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind so they are easily indexed by Google and other search engines, resulting in a higher rankings in search results. Good organic search result placement  increases the traffic to your website, which translates to more business for you.

Google SiteMap Generation

In accordance with Google SiteMap format, AgileSite automatically generates an XML list of accessible URLs for your website. The Google SiteMap is an important element of a search engine optimized site because it makes it easier for search engines to index your website and improves your ranking.

Custom Page URLs

Within AgileSite you have the ability to fully customize page URLs, also known as URL aliases. A custom URL can be created for any page that you want to optimize for the search engines by including relevant keywords. AgileSite also implements measures to prevent invalid site links. Anytime you change the URL for a page or document or move its location in the site, AgileSite remebers the previous URL and redirects to the new page using SEO friendly, permenant 301 webpage redirection.

Friendly URLs

When you create a page in your website, AgileSite automaticaly generates a unique URL. The URL path directly correlates with the position of the page in the site structure tree. For example, consider this page's path:  As you can see, the URL includes the Solution menu name and clearly defines the type of content presented on this page. Unlike some URLs, it does not contain any extra parameters like ?tabid=111, which can be confusing to both site visitors and search engines. The URL extension can also be customized to be extensionless, without .aspx, .htm, or .html at the end.

Editable Metadata

Each page of your site allows you to manage the SEO data unique to that page such as keywords, description, and page title. This granular level of metadata management is a key element in optimizing your site for search engines. You also have the flexibility to inherit sections of metadata for a defined section of your site or automatically populate the data based on the document name or defined fields to ensure every page receives this important information.


HTML Optimization

AgileSite has built in features that allow you to add content that meets standard SEO requirements.
  • Includes Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) based navigation that does not include Javascript, but instead is based on standard UL/LI HTML elements, making it is easy for search engine robots to crawl.
  • Allows addition of standard HTML heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.).
  • Provides the ability to add Title or ALT attributes to both links and images.
  • Checks for consistent case and allowed characters in URLs.
  • Prevents duplicate URLs for the same site content and handles redirection.


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